Since Freemasonry was formed in its modern state, its popularity has flourished during times of change, especially during the Age of Enlightenment. Across both America and Europe, people turned to new ways of thinking to aid development, understanding and personal improvement. People wanted to bring order to society for the greater good and this is still very pertinent today.

Freemasons stand for the same values they did four centuries ago. Men become Masons to better themselves and improve society in the company of a fraternity. Through the lessons of tradition, it is possible to learn more about how our physical, spiritual and philosophical world works. There’s also renewed interest in those things we don’t understand when bound around tradition or that have a perceived mystical nature.

More recently, books like The Da Vinci Code and movies like “National Treasure” have increased the audience and interest about the nature of the Fraternity. Although these fictions are more imagination than fact, the real history of Freemasonry is more spectacular, startling and passionate than any screenplay.

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