Sir Edmund Barton ( 1st Australian Prime Minister) Born 1849 Died 1920, P/M from 1901 to 1903
Sir George Reid, 4th Prime Minister of Australia, Lodge Centennial No. 169, UGL of NSW
Sir Joseph Cook 6th Prime Minister of Australia
Viscount Stanley Melbourne Bruce 8th Prime Minister of Australia
Sir Robert Menzies, 12th Prime Minister of Australia, Austral Temple Lodge No. 110, VIC
Sir Arthur William Fadden 13th Prime Minister of Australia
Sir John Grey Gorton 19th Prime Minister of Australia
Sir William McMahon 20th Prime Minister of Australia
Sir Harry Lawson, 27th Premier of Victoria, Scotch Collegians Lodge
Sir Earle Christmas Grafton
Sir William Clarke, former Cheif Justice of Victoria, first GM of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria
Herbert Henry “Smokey Dawson” MBE AM, country music entertainer and community leader
Sir Donald Bradman, World Famous Australian Cricketer
Sir Hubert Opperman, World’s Fastest Bicyclist in 1930s; Governement Minister; High Commissioner to Malta
Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, aviator who was first to cross the Pacific from the US to Brisbane in about 1928. He was a MM of a Brisbane lodge, and, as a matter of interest, it is his MM apron which is perambulated in the memorial service each Anzac Day in the Brisbane Memorial Masonic Centre.
Sir Thomas Playford, Former Premier of South Australia
Charles Karius Explorer initiated New Guinea Lodge (292 UGLQ) 29 Nov 26, passed 11 Feb 28, raised 9 Oct 35
Daniel O’Conne*Harry Van Der Sluys(” Roy Rene Mo”)Entertainerll, he resigned for political reasons – see the history of the St Stephens Green Club, Dublin
Charles Goffage (Chips Rafferty)
Nathan Phillips (Stiffy)
Harry Van der Sluys (Mo aka Roy Rene)
Hugh Webster, once Prof of Physics at Uni Qld and for a time Australia’s Science Rep to the United Nations
Lawrence Hargraves…Aeronautical Pioneer
John William Pilbeam Goffage ( “Chips Rafferty”) Film Actor
John Hosking…First Mayor of Sydney
Nat Phillips…Entertainer
Lieutenant John Oxley RN…Explorer
Sir Edward ( Weary) Dunlop..War Hero & Doctor
John MacDouall Stuart…Explorer
Francis Greenway…Architect Colonial era
Mei Quong Tart…Ist Chinese Initiate in Australia
Sir Joseph Banks..”Father Of Australia”..Botonist
Ken G Hall..Australian Film producer
Sir Ernest Fisk…Radio Pioneer
Captain Matthew Flinders…Explorer
Hamilton Hume…Explorer
Edgar Laurence ( Dunc) Grey..Olympic Cyclist
Sir John Northcott..NSW State Governor & Grand Master
Col Dr Sir Weary Dunlop, Doctor in WWII Japanese POW Changi Railway – saved hundreds including Sir *William Clavel (author of Shogun); Since WWII built links with Asia
Air Commadore Rex Taylor CBE, John Knox Lodge
Brigadier Sir William Hall KBE DSO ED
Air Commodore Sir Charles Kingsford Smith..Aviation Pioneer
Major-General Sir Robert Risson, Past Grand Master
Lt-General Sir John Northcot, Past Grand Master-NSW (Initiated in Lodge Army and Navy after he was Commissioned as Governor of NSW)
Lt-General Sir John Lavarack, Past Grand Master-Qld
Chap Archdeacon GE Lambie, Past Grand Chaplain
Lt-General Sir Stanley Savige
Lt-Colonel Sir Harold Luxton, former Lord Mayor of Melbourne
Brigadier Sir Bernard Evans
Chap-General Rev AT Holden, Past Grand Master
Lt-General Sir Carl Jess
Lt-General Sir Leslie Morshead
Brigadier The Hon MWJ Bourchier
Lt-General Sir Frank Berryman
Lt-General R Bierwirth
Major-General EJ Milford
Major-General RE Jackson
Major-General AG Wilson
Major-General RE Wade
Major-General R Kendall
Lt-Colonel Sir Harold Stokes
Major-General Sir Alan Ramsay
Lt-General Sir Horace Robertson

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