Famous Freemasons


Sir Edmund Barton ( 1st Australian Prime Minister) Born 1849 Died 1920, P/M from 1901 to 1903
Sir George Reid, 4th Prime Minister of Australia, Lodge Centennial No. 169, UGL of NSW
Sir Joseph Cook 6th Prime Minister of Australia
Viscount Stanley Melbourne Bruce 8th Prime Minister of Australia
Sir Robert Menzies, 12th Prime Minister of Australia, Austral Temple Lodge No. 110, VIC
Sir Arthur William Fadden 13th Prime Minister of Australia
Sir John Grey Gorton 19th Prime Minister of Australia
Sir William McMahon 20th Prime Minister of Australia
Sir Harry Lawson, 27th Premier of Victoria, Scotch Collegians Lodge
Sir Earle Christmas Grafton
Sir William Clarke, former Cheif Justice of Victoria, first GM of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria
Herbert Henry “Smokey Dawson” MBE AM, country music entertainer and community leader
Sir Donald Bradman, World Famous Australian Cricketer
Sir Hubert Opperman, World’s Fastest Bicyclist in 1930s; Governement Minister; High Commissioner to Malta
Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, aviator who was first to cross the Pacific from the US to Brisbane in about 1928. He was a MM of a Brisbane lodge, and, as a matter of interest, it is his MM apron which is perambulated in the memorial service each Anzac Day in the Brisbane Memorial Masonic Centre.
Sir Thomas Playford, Former Premier of South Australia
Charles Karius Explorer initiated New Guinea Lodge (292 UGLQ) 29 Nov 26, passed 11 Feb 28, raised 9 Oct 35
Daniel O’Conne*Harry Van Der Sluys(” Roy Rene Mo”)Entertainerll, he resigned for political reasons – see the history of the St Stephens Green Club, Dublin
Charles Goffage (Chips Rafferty)
Nathan Phillips (Stiffy)
Harry Van der Sluys (Mo aka Roy Rene)
Hugh Webster, once Prof of Physics at Uni Qld and for a time Australia’s Science Rep to the United Nations
Lawrence Hargraves…Aeronautical Pioneer
John William Pilbeam Goffage ( “Chips Rafferty”) Film Actor
John Hosking…First Mayor of Sydney
Nat Phillips…Entertainer
Lieutenant John Oxley RN…Explorer
Sir Edward ( Weary) Dunlop..War Hero & Doctor
John MacDouall Stuart…Explorer
Francis Greenway…Architect Colonial era
Mei Quong Tart…Ist Chinese Initiate in Australia
Sir Joseph Banks..”Father Of Australia”..Botonist
Ken G Hall..Australian Film producer
Sir Ernest Fisk…Radio Pioneer
Captain Matthew Flinders…Explorer
Hamilton Hume…Explorer
Edgar Laurence ( Dunc) Grey..Olympic Cyclist
Sir John Northcott..NSW State Governor & Grand Master
Col Dr Sir Weary Dunlop, Doctor in WWII Japanese POW Changi Railway – saved hundreds including Sir *William Clavel (author of Shogun); Since WWII built links with Asia
Air Commadore Rex Taylor CBE, John Knox Lodge
Brigadier Sir William Hall KBE DSO ED
Air Commodore Sir Charles Kingsford Smith..Aviation Pioneer
Major-General Sir Robert Risson, Past Grand Master
Lt-General Sir John Northcot, Past Grand Master-NSW (Initiated in Lodge Army and Navy after he was Commissioned as Governor of NSW)
Lt-General Sir John Lavarack, Past Grand Master-Qld
Chap Archdeacon GE Lambie, Past Grand Chaplain
Lt-General Sir Stanley Savige
Lt-Colonel Sir Harold Luxton, former Lord Mayor of Melbourne
Brigadier Sir Bernard Evans
Chap-General Rev AT Holden, Past Grand Master
Lt-General Sir Carl Jess
Lt-General Sir Leslie Morshead
Brigadier The Hon MWJ Bourchier
Lt-General Sir Frank Berryman
Lt-General R Bierwirth
Major-General EJ Milford
Major-General RE Jackson
Major-General AG Wilson
Major-General RE Wade
Major-General R Kendall
Lt-Colonel Sir Harold Stokes
Major-General Sir Alan Ramsay
Lt-General Sir Horace Robertson


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Lodge Zur Woltätigkeit, Vienna; Lodge Zur Wahren Eintracht


Emperor Pedro I of Brazil, Past Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Brazil


Prime Minister John J.C. Abbott, St Paul’s Lodge No. 374 E.R., Montreal, QC
James T.M. Anderson, Banner Lodge No. 154, Regina, SK
Robert Alexander Anderson, Acacia Lodge No. 22
Harold Ballard, Corinthian Lodge No. 481, Toronto, ON
Robert Beaven, Quadra Lodge No. 8, Victoria
Prime Minister Richard Bedford Bennett, Miramichi Lodge No. 187, Chatham, NB
W.A.C. Bennett, St. George Lodge No. 41, Kelowna, BC
Alexander Bethune, founding member of Acacia Lodge No. 22
Prime Minister Robert Laird Borden, St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 1, Halifax, NS
Prime Minister Mackenzie Bowell, St. Lawrence Lodge No. 640 E.R., Montreal, QC
William John Bowser, Past Provincial Grand Master of Vancouver, BC
Harlan Carey Brewster, Vancouver and Quadra Lodge No. 2, Victoria, BC
Samuel Bronfman, Covenant Lodge No. 108, Quebec
Frederick Buscombe, Cascade Lodge No. 12
Douglas Lloyd Campbell, Assiniboine Lodge No. 7, Portage La Prairie
Frederick Cope, Cascade Lodge No. 12
Amor De Cosmos, Victoria Lodge No. 1085
A.E.B. Davie, Cariboo Lodge No. 4, Barkerville
Prime Minister John George Diefenbaker, Wakaw Lodge No. 166, Wakaw, SK
Charles Douglas, Mount Hermon Lodge No. 7
Tommy Douglas, Weyburn Lodge No. 20 GRS, Weyburn, SK
Sir Sandford Fleming, St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 16, Toronto, ON
James Garden, Cascade Lodge No. 12
Josiah Henson Mount Moriah Lodge No. 4 GRC, Dresden, ON
Tim Horton, Kroy Lodge No. 676, Toronto, ON
Byron Ingemar Johnson, Saint Andrew’s Lodge No, 41, Victoria, BC
William Jarvis, Provincial Secretary for Upper Canada. First Provincial Grand Master for Upper Canada, 1792
Alexander Keith, Founder of Keith lodge #23 in Moncton New Brunswick
Prime Minister John A. MacDonald, St. John’s Lodge No. 5, Kingston, ON
William M. Martin, Past Grand Master of Saskatchewan
Sir Allan Napier MacNab, Provincial Grand Master of Upper Canada 1845-57, and Grand Master of the Ancient Grand Lodge of Canada, 1857
Sir Richard McBride, Union Lodge No. 9, New Westminster, BC
John Foster McCreight, Victoria Lodge No. 783, BC
John Duncan MacLean, Pacific Lodge No. 16, Mission, BC
Col. Samuel McLaughlin, Cedar Lodge No. 270, Oshawa
John Molson, St. Paul’s Lodge, Montreal, Prov. GM of Lower Canada 1826
Thomas Neelands, Mount Hermon Lodge No. 7
David Oppenheimer, Vancouver Lodge No. 2
William John Patterson, Evening Star Lodge No. 10, Grenfell, SK
Edward Gawler Prior, Victoria Columbia Lodge No. 1, Victoria, BC
Alexander C. Rutherford, Acacia Lodge No. 11
Joseph E. Seagram, Grand River Lodge No. 151, Kitchener, ON
Sir John Graves Simcoe, Union Lodge No. 307, E.R. (Moderns), Exeter, England
Joey Smallwood, Northcliffe Lodge No. 1886
W. Ross Thatcher, St. George’s Lodge No. 136, Moose Jaw, SK
Thomas Townley, Cascade Lodge No. 12
John Herbert Turner, Vancouver Lodge No. 421 SR, Victoria, BC
George Anthony Walkem, King Solomon’s Lodge No. 22, Toronto, ON


President Salvador Allende, Lodge Progresso No. 4, Valparaíso
Air Force General Alberto Bachelet


Edvard Beneš, Lodge Ian Amos Komensky No. 1, Prague and Lodge Pravda Vitezi

Fiji Islands

Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry, Suva Lodge No. 2, Suva, Fiji Islands


Frédéric Bartholdi, Grand Orient de France, “Alsace-Lorraine” oct 14 1875
Louis Blanc, La Grand Loge des Philadelphes (Rite of Memphis-Misraim)
Nicolas Chamfort, Loge Les Neuf Sœurs, Paris
Dr. Robert Moray, Edinburgh [Lodge] 1641.
Félix Pyat, La Grand Loge des Philadelphes (Rite of Memphis-Misraim)
Adolphe Talandier, La Grand Loge des Philadelphes (Rite of Memphis-Misraim)
François-Marie Arouet (Voltaire), Raised 1778 by WM Ben Franklin, Loge des Neuf Sœurs, Paris


Omar Bongo, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Gabon, 1983


Ignaz Aurelius Fessler, Grand Lodge of the 3 Globes at Berlin, 1796
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Frederick II of Prussia


King David Kalakaua, Lodge Le Progress de l’Oceanie No. 124
King Kamehameha IV, Lodge Le Progress de l’Oceanie No. 124
King Kamehameha V, Hawaiian Lodge No. 21


President Sveinn Björnsson, Past Grand Master of Iceland


Edmund Burke, Jerusalem Lodge No. 44
Henry Haslett, Lodge 257, Belfast
Thomas McCabe, Lodge 684, Belfast
Daniel O’Connell, Lodge No. 189, Dublin; Lodge No. 13, Limerick; charter member, Lodge in Tralee
William Tenant, Lodge 257, Belfast


Silvio Berlusconi, As a member of P2
Giuseppe Garibaldi, Loge Les Amis de la Patrie, Uruguay; Tompkinsville Lodge No. 471, Staten Island, NY
Giuseppe Mazzini, Past Grand Master, Grand Orient of Italy
Licio Gelli


Prime Minister Ichirō Hatoyama, Hatoyama was made a Mason in March 1955 in Tokyo
Nishi Amane, La Vertu Lodge No, 7, Leyden, October 20, 1864


King Hussein of Jordan, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Jordan


HRH Colonel Sir Ibrahim, The Sultan of Johor. Initiated, 11th April 1906 in Empire Lodge No. 2108 in London.
H.H. Tunku Abdul Malik Ibni Sultan Badlishah, House of Kedah. Initiated, 9th January 1959, Lodge Kedah No. 3830 E.C. Sungei Petani.
HRH Sultan Idris Ibni Sultan Iskandar Shah, Sultan of Perak. Initiated 9th July 1960, Lodge Napier No. 3418 EC in Ipoh.


President Benito Juárez


Dr. José Rizal, national hero and pride of the Malay race, Acacia Lodge No. 9 Spain, Logia Solidaridad 53 Madrid 1890, Nilad Lodge No. 144, 1892
Manuel L. Quezon, President of the Philippine Commonwealth (1935-1944), Sinukuan Lodge No. 272, 1908
Jose Abad Santos, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, one of the greatest heroes of World War II. He was made a Master Mason in 1919
Numeriano R. Adriano, former Vice-President of the Republic, like many others gave his life (executed) during the Philippine Revolution
Bishop Gregorio Aglipay, revolutionary Catholic priest, excommunicated for joining the libertarian movement
Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, first president of the Philippine Republic. Pilar Lodge No. 203, 1895. Founder of Magdalo Lodge No. 31
Dr. Galicano C. Apacible, patriot and propagandist, Logia Revoluccion in Barcelona and Logia Solidaridad 53 in Madrid (mid 1880’s)
Conrado Benitez, civic leader, esteemed educator, economist, author. Grand Master of Masons of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines in 1936
Nicanor Abelardo, musician/composer, “father of the sonata in the Philippines”. Luzon Lodge No. 57
Andres Bonifacio, founded the Katipunan, a secret society established to gain independence from Spain through force. Taliba Lodge No. 165, 1892
Manuel Camus, philantropist and civic leader, organizer of Boy Scouts and YMCA and charity organizations. Lodge Perla del Oriente 1034, 1908
Marcelo H. del Pilar, soul of the Philippine Revolution. He co-founded Logia Revoluccion in Barcelona, Spain and revived Logia Solidaridad 53
Isabelo de los Reyes, labor leader, historian and founder of the Philippine folklore, Luz de Oriente Lodge, 1896
Teodoro M. Kalaw, prolific writer, scholar, orator and statesman, Nilad Lodge 1907, Gran Logia de Filipinas 1915
Jose P. Laurel, President of the 2nd Philippine Republic, Supreme Court Justice, patriot. Batangas Lodge No. 383
Graciano Lopez Jaena, gifted writer, orator, patriot. Logia Povernir No. 2, co-founded Logia Solidaridad 53 in Madrid
Gen. Antonio Luna, writer, dedicated patriot, foremost military strategist. Logia Solidaridad 53, Madrid
Apolinario Mabini, considered by many as the “Brains of the Philippine Revolution”. Logia Balagtas 149, 1892
Camilo Osias, foremost, educator, legislator, writer. Bagumbayan Lodge No. 4, 1918
Rafael Palma, lawyer, statesman, educator. First Filipino president of the University of the Philippines. Bagong Buhay Lodge No. 291, 1908
Quintin Paredes, first Filipino Prosecuting Attorney, Attorney General, Supreme Court Justice. Sinukuan Lodge No. 16, 1913
Manuel Roxas, President of the Republic of the Philippines (1946-1948). Makawiwili Lodge No. 55, 1920


Vasile Alecsandri, L’athénée des Etrangers, Paris [1]
Grigore Alexandrescu, L’athénée des Etrangers, Paris [2]
Constantin Argetoianu [2]
Ion C. Brătianu, L’athénée des Etrangers, Paris; “Steaua Dunării” Lodge, Bucharest [1]
Nicolae Bălcescu, “Frăţia” Secret Society [1]
Dimitrie Bolintineanu [2]
Cezar Bolliac, Philharmonic Society [3]
Dimitrie Cantemir, Scottish Rosicrucian [1]
Victor Eftimiu [2]
Nicolae Filimon [2]
Octavian Goga [2]
Ion Ghica, L’athénée des Etrangers, Paris; “Frăţia” Secret Society [2]
Horea [1]
Bogdan Petriceicu-Hasdeu [2]
Mihail Kogălniceanu [1]
Gheorghe Magheru [1]
Titu Maiorescu, “Steaua României” Lodge, Iaşi [2]
Ion Minulescu [2]
Eftimie Murgu, “Frăţia” Secret Society
Costache Negruzzi [1]
Ion Heliade Rădulescu, L’athénée des Etrangers, Paris; Philharmonic Society; Marea Lojă; “Steaua Dunării” [2]
C.A. Rosetti, L’;athénée des Etrangers, Paris [1]
Alecu Russo, L’athénée des Etrangers, Paris
Mihail Sadoveanu, “Dimitrie Cantemir” Lodge [2]
Christian Tell, L’athénée des Etrangers, Paris
Nicolae Titulescu [2]
Alexandru Vaida-Voevod, “Ernest Renan” Lodge
Tudor Vladimirescu [1]
Traian Vuia [2]


Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, Famous Russian poet and novelist
Ivan Perfilevich Elagin, Grand Provincial Master for the Grand Lodge of England
Alexander Kerensky, La Petite Ourse(Ursa Minor)), “Rose” lodge
Maxim Maximovich Kovalevsky, L”Avangard Masonnique, Les Vrais Amis Fideles
Grigoriy Nikolayevich Vyrubov, Rose of the perfect silence (Worshipful Master)
Pavel Yablochkov, Worshipful Master of Scottish rite lodges in Paris, first Worshipful master of Scottish lodge “Cosmos”, 1887-1888


Thomas Stamford Raffles, Raised July 5, 1813, Lodge De Vriendschap, Sourabaya

Republic of Texas

Stephen F. Austin, Louisiana Lodge No. 109, St Genevieve, MO
Jim Bowie, Humble Cottage Lodge No. 19, Opelousas, LA
Sam Houston, Cumberland Lodge No. 8, Nashville, TN
William B. Travis, Alabama Lodge No. 3, Claiborne, AL

UK: England & Wales, and Scotland

(the two Masonic jurisdictions have never been united)

Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England
Sir Winston Churchill, Studholme Alliance Lodge No. 1591, Rosemary Lodge No. 2851. (Note: The Churchill Society claims he resigned from his Lodges in 1912.)
HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England (current)
Prince Michael of Kent, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons (current)
HRH Prince Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, Grand Master of the Atholl or Antient Grand Lodge of England (which existed until the Union in 1813)
HM King Edward VII, previously Grand Master of United Grand Lodge of England; Protector of the Craft
HM King Edward VIII (later Duke of Windsor), Household Brigade Lodge No. 2614; Past Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England
Andrew Bruce, 11th Earl of Elgin, Past Grand Master Mason of Scotland
HM King George IV, previously Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England (Moderns), Grand Patron of UGLE from 1814.
HM King George VI, Naval Lodge No. 2612; Past Grand Master of Scotland; Past Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England
HRH Prince Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England (Moderns), who granted Prince Hall his charter in 1784
Sir Robert Moray, Newcastle 1641
James Oglethorpe, first Master of King Solomon’s Lodge No. 1, Savannah, GA
George Robinson, 1st Marquess of Ripon, Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England (1870)
Sir Christopher Wren, Master of Lodge Original, No. 1, now the Lodge of Antiquity No. 2
Charles Bradlaugh, La Grand Loge des Philadelphes (Rite of Memphis-Misraim)
Sir Michael A. Diamond I

United States of America

John Jacob Astor, Holland Lodge No. 8, NY
David Rice Atchison, Platte Lodge No. 56, MO
Gunning Bedford, Jr., Lodge No. 14, Christina Ferry, DE; Past Grand Master of Delaware
Julian Bond, St. James Lodge No. 4
Ernest Borgnine, Lodge No. 48, Abingdon, VA
John C. Breckinridge
John Brown, Hudson Lodge No. 68, Hudson, OH
Asa S. Bushnell, (Governor of Ohio 1896-1900), made a Mason at Sight by Grand Master Levi C. Goodale in 1894, Affiliated with Anthony Lodge No. 455 in Springfield on 3 April 1894
Jonathan Byrne, 33°, Charlotte Lodge No. 39, (former American Gladiator)
Henry Clay, Past Grand Master of Kentucky
Samuel L. Clemens – AKA “Mark Twain”, Polar Star Lodge No. 79, St. Louis, Missouri
DeWitt Clinton, Past Grand Master of New York, Holland Lodge No. 8, NY
George Clinton, Warren Lodge #17, NYC
Mac Collins, former Congressman, St. John’s Lodge #45, Jackson, GA
George M. Dallas, Past Grand Master of Pennsylvania (1835): Franklin Lodge #134, Pennsylvania
Cecil B. DeMille, Film Director. Prince Orange Lodge No. 16 NYC
W.E.B. Du Bois, Widow’s Son Lodge No. 1, New Haven, CT
Bob Dole 33°, Grand Cross. Russell Lodge No. 177, KS
Jimmy Doolittle 33°, Grand Cross
Sam Ervin 33°, Grand Cross.
Benjamin Franklin, February 1731, St. John’s Lodge of Philadelphia; Lodge at Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, PA; WM, Loge des Neuf Sœurs, Paris; Past Grand Master of Pennsylvania
Elbridge Gerry, Philanthropic Lodge, Marblehead, MA
John H. Glenn, Jr. 33°. Concord Lodge No. 688, Concord, Ohio.
Barry Goldwater, Arizona Lodge No. 2, Phoenix, AZ
Gus Grissom Mitchell Lodge No. 228, Indiana
Jesse Helms, Past Grand Orator of North Carolina
Burl Ives 33°, Grand Cross
Jack Kemp, Fraternal Lodge No. 625, Hamburg, NY
William King, Past Grand Master of Maine
Fiorello H. LaGuardia, Garibaldi Lodge No. 542, NY
General Douglas MacArthur 33°, Manila Lodge No. 1, 1936, Philippines
George C. Marshall Made mason on site at GL of Washington, DC
Abner V. McCall 33°, Grand Cross
Kweisi Mfume, Mt. Olive Lodge No. 25, Baltimore, MD
Audie Murphy 33°
Sam Nunn 33°, Grand Cross. Honored as Supreme Temple Architect 1995
Arnold Palmer 33°
Norman Vincent Peale 33°, Grand Cross
Matthew Perry, (Commodore) Holland Lodge No. 8, NY
Albert Pike, Western Star Lodge No. 2, Little Rock, Arkansas. Sovereign Grand Commander AASR, Southern Jurisdiction.
Joel Roberts Poinsett, Solomon’s Lodge No. 1, Charleston
John A. Quitman, Past Grand Master of Mississippi
Will Rogers 32°
John Sparkman, Helion Lodge #1, Huntsville, Alabama
John Philip Sousa 33°
Richard Tea Aztlan Lodge #4, Prescott, Arizona
Daniel D. Tompkins, Grand Master of New York, 1819-22
George Wallace, Past Grand Orator of the Grand Lodge of Alabama


Simón Bolívar, founder of Lodge Order and Liberty No. 2, Peru.

American Revolution

Benedict Arnold, Hiram Lodge No. 1, New Haven, CT
John Blair, Williamsburg Lodge No. 6; Past Grand Master of Virginia
Chief Joseph Brant, Hiram’s Cliftonian Lodge No. 47, Barton Lodge No. 6, Hamilton, ON
Benjamin Franklin, February 1731, St. John’s Lodge of Philadelphia; Lodge at Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, PA; WM, Loge Les Neuf Sœurs, Paris; Past Grand Master of Pennsylvania
John Hancock, Massachusetts Lodge No. 277, QC; St. Andrew’s Lodge, Boston, MA
Brigadier General Nicholas Herkimer, St. Patrick’s Lodge, Johnstown, NY
William Hooper, Hanover Lodge, Masonborough, NC
John Paul Jones, St. Bernards Lodge No. 122, Kirkudbright, Scotland
Rufus King, St John’s Lodge, Newburyport, MA
General Rufus Putnam, Past Grand Master of Ohio
Paul Revere, St. Andrew’s Lodge, Boston, MA; Grand Master of Massachusetts 1794-97.
Baron von Steuben, Trinity Lodge No. 10, New York, NY
Richard Stockton, charter Master, St. John’s Lodge, Princeton, NJ
George Walton, Solomon’s Lodge No. 1, Savannah, GA
Joseph Warren, St. Andrew’s Lodge, Boston, MA; Past Provincial Grand Master of Massachusetts
William Whipple, St. John’s Lodge, Portsmouth, NH

U.S. Presidents

George Washington, Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4; Alexandria Lodge No. 22, VA
James Monroe, Williamsburgh Lodge No. 6, VA
Andrew Jackson, Harmony Lodge No. 1; Past Grand Master of Tennessee.
James K. Polk, Columbia Lodge No. 31, TN
James Buchanan, Past Master of Lancaster Lodge No. 43, Lancaster, PA; Past District Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
Andrew Johnson, Greenville Lodge No. 119, TN
James A. Garfield, Magnolia Lodge No. 20, OH
William McKinley, Hiram Lodge No. 21, VA
Theodore Roosevelt, Matinecock Lodge No. 806, Oyster Bay, NY
William Howard Taft, “Mason at sight”; affiliated Kilwinning Lodge No. 356, OH
Warren G. Harding, Marion Lodge No. 70, OH
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Holland Lodge No. 8, NY
Harry S Truman, 33° Belton Lodge No. 450, Belton, MO; Past Grand Master of Missouri
Gerald Ford Columbia Lodge No. 3, Washington, DC, courtesy to Malta Lodge No. 465, Grand Rapids, MI

U.S. Supreme Court Justices

Henry Baldwin, Associate Justice (1830-1844)
Hugo L. Black, Associate Justice (1937-1971), Birmingham Temple Lodge No. 836, Birmingham, AL
John Blair, Associate Justice (1789-96), Grand Master of Virginia from 1778 to 1784
Samuel Blatchford, Associate Justice (1882-1893)
Harold H. Burton, Associate Justice (1945-1958)
James F. Byrnes, Associate Justice (1941-1942)
John H. Clarke, Associate Justice (1916-1922)
Thomas C. Clark, Associate Justice (1949-1967)
William Cushing, Associate Justice (1789-1810), St. Andrews Lodge, Boston
Willis Van Devanter, Associate Justice (1911-1937)
William O. Douglas, Associate Justice (1939-1975)
Oliver Ellsworth, Chief Justice (1796-1800)
Stephen J. Field, Associate Justice (1863-1897)
John M. Harlan, Associate Justice
Robert H. Jackson, Associate Justice (1941-1954)
John Jay, Chief Justice (1789-1795)
Joseph E. Lamar, Associate Justice (1888-1893), Webb Lodge No. 166 F.& A.M., Augusta, Georgia
John Marshall, Chief Justice (1801-1835) – Grand Master of Virginia (1793 & 1794)
Thurgood Marshall, Associate Justice (1967-1991), Coal Creek Lodge No. 88, Tulsa, Oklahoma PHA
Stanley Mathews, Associate Justice (1881-1889)
John McLean, Associate Justice (1829-1861)
Sherman Minton, Associate Justice (1949-1956)
William H. Moody, Associate Justice (1906-1910)
Samuel Nelson, Associate Justice (1845-1872)
William Paterson, Associate Justice (1793-1806)
Mahlon Pitney, Associate Justice (1912-1922)
Stanley F. Reed, Associate Justice (1938-1957)
John Rutledge, Chief Justice (1795), Associate Justice (1789-1791)
Potter Stewart, Associate Justice (1958-1981)
Joseph Story, Associate Justice (1811-1845)
Noah H. Swayne, Associate Justice (1862-1881)
William H. Taft, Chief Justice (1921-1930), Made Mason at sight by C. S. Hoskinson in Kilwinning Lodge No. 356, Cincinnati, Ohio on 18 February 1909.
Thomas Todd, Associate Justice (1807-1826)
Robert Trimble, Associate Justice (1826-1828), Past Master, Union Lodge No. 16 F.& A.M., Paris, Kentucky
Frederick M. Vinson, Chief Justice (1946-1953)
Earl Warren, Chief Justice (1953-1969) – Grand Master of California 1935 to 1936
Levi Woodbury, Associate Justice (1845-1851)
William B. Woods, Associate Justice (1881-1887)


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Lodge Amalia, Weimar
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Lodge Zu den Drei Goldenen Rosen
Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet), Raised 1778 Loge des Neuf Sœurs, Paris

Lawyers, jurists, and law enforcement

Izzy Einstein, Emanuel Lodge No. 654, NY
Henry Frye Prince Hall Freemason, Khalif Temple No. 144 of the Shrine,
J. Edgar Hoover, 33°, Grand Cross. Federal Lodge No. 1, Washington, DC C
John Marshall, Past Grand Master of Virginia
Moe Smith, Emanuel Lodge No. 654, NY
Earl Warren, Past Grand Master of California
Piotr Karamański, ul.Świerkowa 19 34-100 Wadowice, Poland
Roscoe Pound

Military Leaders

General Henry H. “Hap” Arnold, 32° Cassia Mt. Horeb Lodge No. 273, PA. Raised in Union Lodge No. 7, Junction City, Kansas, and received the higher degrees in the Army Scottish Rite bodies at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He is also a Shriner.
General Omar N. Bradley, West Point Lodge No. 877, NY
Admiral Arleigh Burke 33°
Major General Claire Chennault 32° K.C.C.H. League City Lodge No. 1053, League City, Texas. He is also a Shriner.
General Mark W. Clark, Mystic Tie Lodge No. 398, Indianapolis, IN
Brigadier General James Doolittle, 32° Mason and Shriner.
Field Marshal Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig, Elgin Lodge No. 91, Leven, Scotland
Admiral John Jellicoe, Past Provincial Grand Master, United Grand Lodge of England
Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King, Made Master Mason in 1935, George C. Whiting Lodge, No. 22, D.C.
Lord Horatio Kitchener, Past District Grand Master of Egypt and Sudan; Past Grand Warden and District Grand Master, Punjab, India; founder of several Lodges
General Douglas MacArthur, 33° Manila Lodge No. 1, Philippines. Elected a Knight Commander of the Court of Honour in 1937, and is also a Shriner.
General George C. Marshall, Made a Mason in an Occasional Lodge with all three degrees being conferred upon him by the Grand Master of Masons in the District of Columbia, Ara L. Daniels.
Admiral Horatio Nelson, York Lodge No. 256.
General John J. Pershing, 33° Lincoln Lodge No. 19, Lincoln, NE. Fifty year Mason and a member of the Shrine.
Brigadier General Albert Pike, Western Star Lodge No. 2, Little Rock, Arkansas. Sovereign Grand Commander AASR, Southern Jurisdiction.
Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, Kilwinning Lodge No. 297, MI
Field Marshal Aleksandr Suvorov, Lodge Zu den Drei Kronen, Königsberg
Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz, Lodge Zur Aufrichtigen Herzen, Frankfurt
General Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, Lodge at Trim No. 494, Meath, Ireland

Composers, fine artists, and popular musicians

Roy Acuff, East Nashville Lodge No. 560, TN
Louis Armstrong Montgomery Lodge No. 18 PHA, NY (unverified: was a member of Knights of Pythias)
Johann Christian Bach, Lodge of Nine Muses No. 235, London
Josephine Baker in France
Frédéric Bartholdi, Lodge Alsace-Lorraine, Paris
William “Count” Basie, Wisdom Lodge No. 102, Chicago, IL
Irving Berlin, Munn Lodge No. 190, New York, NY
Gutzon Borglum, Howard Lodge No. 35, NY
Roy Clark, Jenks Lodge No. 497, OK
Ludwig van Beethoven
George M. Cohan, Pacific Lodge No. 223, CA
Nat King Cole, Thomas Waller Lodge No. 49, Los Angeles, CA, PHA
Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington, Social Lodge No. 1, Washington, DC, PHA
Sir Banister Flight Fletcher, Authors Lodge No. 3456, London
Sir William S. Gilbert, Lodge St. Machar No. 54, Aberdeen, Scotland
Lionel Hampton, Boyer Lodge No. 1, New York, NY, PHA
William C. Handy, Hiram Lodge No. 4, New York, NY, PHA
Joseph Haydn, Lodge Zur Wahren Eintracht, Vienna
Franz Liszt, Lodge Zur Einigkeit, Frankfurt
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Lodge Zur Woltatigkeit, Vienna; Lodge Zur Wahren Eintracht
Alfons Mucha, Paris; founder of Czech Freemasonry
Tex Ritter, Metropolitan Lodge No. 646, CA
Adolphe Sax, Loge Les Vrais Amis de L’Union
Jean Sibelius, Suomi Lodge No. 1, Helsinki, Finland
John Philip Sousa, Hiram Lodge No. 10, Washington, DC
Sir Arthur Sullivan, Past Grand Organist of the United Grand Lodge of England
Mel Tillis, Branson Lodge No. 587

Actors and entertainers

Bud Abbott, Daylight Lodge No. 525, MI
Cliff Arquette, Ravenwood Lodge No. 777, Chicago, IL
Gene Autry, 33°, Grand Cross. Catoosa Lodge No. 185, OK
Wallace Beery, Blaney Lodge No. 271, IL
Mel Blanc, Mid Day Lodge No. 188, OR
Ernest Borgnine, Abingdon Lodge No. 48, VA
Eddie Cantor, Munn Lodge No. 190, New York, NY
William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, Platte Valley Lodge No. 15, NE
Harry H. Corbett, Chevin Lodge No. 6848, UK
Charles Correll, Trio Lodge No. 57, Chicago, IL
Donald Crisp, Harry S. Orme Lodge No. 458, CA
Jim Davidson. British comedian [1]
Cecil B. DeMille, Prince of Orange Lodge No. 16, NY
Richard Dix, Harry S. Orme Lodge No. 458, CA
Douglas Fairbanks, Beverly Hills Lodge No. 528, CA
W.C. Fields, E. Coppee Mitchell Lodge No. 605, Philadelphia, PA
J.D. Fortune, Oakville Lodge No. 400, Oakville, ON
Clark Gable, Beverly Hills Lodge No. 528, CA
Arthur Godfrey, Acacia Lodge No. 18, Washington, DC
Freeman Gosden, Petersburg Lodge No. 15, VA
D.W. Griffith, St. Cecile Lodge No. 568, NY
Oliver Hardy, Solomon Lodge No. 20, Jacksonville, Florida
Anthony Harper, Baraboo Lodge No. 34, Barbaoo, Wisconsin; Past Master
Harry Houdini Initiated Aug 21, 1923, St. Cecile Lodge No. 568, NYC
Sir Henry Irving, Jerusalem Lodge No. 44, London
Burl Ives, Magnolia (now Magnolia-La Cumbre) Lodge No. 242, CA
Al Jolson, St. Cecile Lodge No. 568, NY
Harold Lloyd, Hamilton Lodge No. 535, Hollywood, CA; Shriner
Harpo Marx
Louis B. Mayer, St. Cecile Lodge No. 568, New York, NY
Tom Mix, Utopia Lodge No. 537, CA
Audie Murphy, Hollywood Lodge No. 542, North Hollywood, CA
Bronson Pinchot, Harford Lodge No. 445, Hop Bottom, PA
Richard Pryor, Henry Brown Lodge No. 22, Peoria, IL
Michael Richards, Riviera Lodge No. 780, CA
Alfred, John, Albert, Charles, William, August and Henry Ringling and their father, August Rüngeling, Baraboo Lodge No. 34, Baraboo, WI
Jimmie Rodgers, John L. Spinks Lodge No. 507, MS
Roy Rogers, Hollywood Lodge No. 355, CA
Will Rogers, Claremore Lodge No. 55, OK
Peter Sellers, Chelsea Lodge No. 3098, London, England
Richard Bernard “Red” Skelton, Vincennes Lodge No. 1, Vincennes, IN
Robert Pershing Wadlow, Franklin Lodge No. 25, Alton, IL
Hal B. Wallis, Prudence Lodge No. 958, Chicago, IL
Jack Warner, Mount Olive Lodge No. 506, Los Angeles, CA
John Wayne, Marion McDaniel Lodge No. 56, Tucson, AZ
Ed Wynn, Philadelphia Lodge No. 9, PA
Darryl F. Zanuck, Mount Olive Lodge No. 506, Los Angeles, CA
Florenz Ziegfeld, Accordia Lodge No. 277
Adolph Zukor, Centennial Lodge No. 763, New York, NY

Industrialists and labor leaders

John Jacob Astor, W.M. Holland Lodge No. 8, NY
Samuel Bronfman, Covenant Lodge No. 108, QC
André Citroën, Lodge La Philosophie Positive, Paris
Samuel Colt, St. John’s Lodge, Hartford, CT
Edwin Drake, Oil Creek Lodge No. 3, Titusville, PA
Eberhard Faber, Chancellor Walworth Lodge No. 271, New York, NY
Henry Ford, Palestine Lodge No. 357, Detroit, MI
Samuel Gompers, Dawson Lodge No. 16, Washington, DC
Charles Hilton, William B. Warren Lodge No. 309, IL
Frank G. Hoover, William McKinley Lodge No. 431, OH
Melvin Jones, Garden City Lodge No. 141, Illinois
Sebastian S. Kresge, Palestine Lodge No. 357, Detroit, MI
Sir Thomas Lipton, Scotia Lodge No. 178, Glasgow w
Frederick L. Maytag, Newton Lodge No. 59, IA
John J. McLaughlin, Cedar Lodge No. 270, Oshawa, ON
R. Samuel McLaughlin, Cedar Lodge No. 270, Oshawa, ON; Past Grand Steward; 75-year member
John Molson, St. Paul’s Lodge, No. 374, Montreal, QC; Past Provincial Grand Master of Lower Canada
Ransom E. Olds, Capitol Lodge No. 66, Lansing, MI
J.C. Penney, Wasatch Lodge No. 1, Salt Lake City, UT
George Pullman, Renovation Lodge No. 97, Albion, NY
A. Philip Randolph, Joppa Lodge No. 55, NYC USA
James Mayer Rothschild Initiated Oct. 24, 1802: Emulation Lodge No. 12, London
Nathan Mayer Rothschild, Emulation Lodge No. 12, London
David Sarnoff, Strict Observance Lodge No. 94, NY
Dave Thomas, Sol. D. Bayless Lodge No. 359, Fort Wayne, IN
Steve Wozniak, Charity Jarman Lodge No. 362, Campbell, CA


Sir Richard Francis Burton, Hope Lodge, Kurrachee, Scinde, India
Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Federal Lodge No. 1, Washington, DC; established Antarctica Lodge No. 777 under the Grand Lodge of New Zealand d
Kit Carson, Montezuma Lodge No. 109, Taos, NM
William Clark, Saint Lewis Lodge No. 111, PA
Matthew Henson, Celestial Lodge No. 3, PHA, New York, NY
Meriwether Lewis, Door to Virtue Lodge No. 44, VA; founder, St. Louis Lodge No. 111, St. Louis, MO under the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania a
Charles Lindbergh, Keystone Lodge No. 243, MO
Commodore Robert Peary, Kane Lodge No. 454, New York, NY
Sir Robert Falcon Scott, Drury Lane Lodge No. 2127, London; Navy Lodge No. 2612
Sir Ernest Shackleton, Navy Lodge No. 2612
Matthew Webb, Neptune Lodge No. 22

Athletes and other sports figures

Harold Ballard, Corinthian Lodge No. 481, GRC
Avery Brundage, North Shore Lodge No. 937, Chicago, IL
Ty Cobb, Royston Lodge No. 426, Detroit, MI
Jack Dempsey, Kenwood Lodge No. 800, Chicago, IL
Peter Ebdon, former snooker world champion
Rogers Hornsby, Beacon Lodge No. 3, St. Louis, MO O
Tim Horton, Kroy Lodge No. 676, Toronto, ON
Jack Johnson, Lodge Forfar and Kincardine No. 225, Dundee, Scotland
Duke Kahanamoku, Surfer. Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F.& A.M.
Arnold Palmer, Loyalhanna Lodge No. 275, Latrobe, PA
Branch Rickey, Tuscan Lodge No. 360, St. Louis, MO
Sugar Ray Robinson, Joppa Lodge No. 55, NY, PHA


Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr., Clear Lake Lodge No. 1417, Seabrook, TX
Leroy Gordon Cooper, Carbondale Lodge No. 82, Carbondale, CO
Donn F. Eisele, Luthor B. Turner Lodge No. 732, Columbus, OH
John Glenn, Concord Lodge No. 688, Concord, OH
Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, Mitchell Lodge No. 228, Mitchell, IN
James Irwin, Tejon Lodge No. 104, Colorado Springs, CO
Edgar Mitchell, Artesia Lodge No. 28, Artesia, NM
Walter M. Schirra, Jr., Canaveral Lodge No. 339, Cocoa Beach, FL
Thomas Stafford, Western Star Lodge No. 138, Weatherford, OK K
James E. Webb, University Lodge No. 408, Chapel Hill, NC
Paul J. Weitz, Lawrence Lodge No. 708, Erie, PA
Writers, journalists, and publishers
Andrew Bell, Lodge St. David No. 36, Edinburgh
James Boswell, Master of Canongate Kilwinning Lodge for two terms, Depute GM Scotland 1776-78
Robert Burns, Saint David’s Lodge No. 2174, Tarbolton; many others
Lord William Byron, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England (Moderns) )
Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), Polar Star Lodge No. 79, St. Louis, MO
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Phoenix Lodge No. 257, Southsea, Hampshire
Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian Loge des Neuf Sœurs, Paris
Edward Gibbon, Lodge of Friendship No. 3, London
Edgar Guest, Ashler Lodge No. 91, Detroit, MI
William Hagan, Euclid Lodge, Stoughton, MA
Rudyard Kipling, Hope and Perseverance Lodge No. 782. E.C., Lahore, India; founding member, The Builders of the Silent Cities Lodge No. 12, St. Omer, France, F.R.
Mark Lemon, Globe Lodge No. 23, London n
John B. MacLean, Ionic Lodge No. 25, Toronto, ON
Dr. Robert Moray, Edinburgh [Lodge] 1641
Norman Vincent Peale, Midwood Lodge No. 1062, Brooklyn, NY
Alexander Pope, Lodge Goat-at-the-Foot-of-the-Haymarket No. 16, London
Aleksandr Pushkin, Lodge Ovid, Kischinev
Theodor Reuss, occultist and head of O.T.O., Pilger Loge #238 (UGLE) 1878, and excluded 1880, also Grandmaster of Rite of Memphis-Misraïm, 1913.
Rafael Sabatini, Jerusalem Lodge No. 197, London n
Friedrich Schiller, Rudolstadt Lodge, Berlin
Sir Walter Scott, Saint David Lodge No. 36, Edinburgh
Robert W. Service, Yukon Lodge No. 45, Dawson City, YT
Gordon Sinclair, John Ross Robertson Lodge No. 545, Toronto, ON
Jonathan Swift, Lodge Goat-at-the-Foot-of-the-Haymarket No. 16, London, England; Lodge No. 16, Dublin, Ireland
Roy Thomson, North Bay Lodge No. 617
Anthony Trollope, Banagher Lodge No. 306, Ireland
Lew Wallace, Fountain Lodge No. 60, Covington, IN
Oscar Wilde, Apollo University Lodge No. 357, Oxford
Sir P.G. Wodehouse, Jerusalem Lodge No. 197, London

Doctors, scientists, and inventors

Sir Edward Victor Appleton, Isaac Newton Lodge No. 859, Cambridge
Elias Ashmole, Warrington Lodge, Lancashire
Vannevar Bush, Richard C. Maclaurin Lodge, Cambridge, MA
Erasmus Darwin, St. David’s Lodge No. 36, Edinburgh
John Theophilus Desaguliers, Past Grand Master of England
John Fitch, Bristol Lodge No. 25, Bristol, PA A
Sir Alexander Fleming, London Scottish Rifles Lodge No. 2310; Past Master (later, Secretary) of Sancta Maria Lodge No. 2682; Past Master (later, Treasurer) of Misericordia Lodge No. 3286, 1935; Past Junior Grand Warden, Senior Grand Deacon 1942; Grand Warden, 1948 UGLE; Received the Distinguished Service Citation of the Grand Lodge of New York, USA.
Sir Sandford Fleming, St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 16, Toronto, ON
Richard Jordan Gatling, Centre Lodge No. 23, Indianapolis, IN N
Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, founding member of the Grand Orient of France
James Hoban, founder, Federal Lodge No. 1, Washington, DC
Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins, Aesculapius Lodge No. 2410
Edward Jenner, Royal Berkeley Lodge of Faith and Friendship No. 449, Berkeley, Gloucestershire e
Charles G. King, Whitman Lodge No. 49, Pullman, WA
Charles Horace Mayo, Rochester Lodge No. 21, MN
William James Mayo, Rochester Lodge No. 21, MN
Franz Mesmer, Lodge Les Philadelphes, France
Albert Abraham Michelson, Washington Lodge No. 21, New York, NY
Jacques-Étienne and Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, Loge des Neuf Sœurs, Paris
Wilhelm Ostwald, Past Grand Master, Grand Lodge Zur Aufgehenden Sonne, Bayreuth
Charles Robert Richet, Lodge Cosmos, France
George Shillibeer, Etonian Lodge of St. John No. 209, Windsor
William Stukeley, Salutation Tavern Lodge, London
Sir Christopher Wren, Lodge of Antiquity No. 2 2

Famous entered apprentices

“Mason” generally refers to a Master Mason, or one who has received all three of the initiatory degrees of Freemasonry. Those who have received only the Entered Apprentice or Fellow Craft degrees are initiated members, but without all the rights and privileges accorded to Master Masons.

General Nathan Bedford Forrest was initiated into the first degree of Freemasonry, but he never completed his second and third degrees and never returned to Lodge.
President Lyndon B. Johnson was initiated into the first degree of Freemasonry, but his congressional duties made it impossible for him to pursue the second and third degrees.