As a member of Excelsior Lodge you will develop with the support of Brothers of all ages and the heritage of those throughout the Ages. You will enhance your own life and those of your family. But more than that, you will be part of something stronger.

For centuries Freemasonry has strived to develop society for the good of all men. The Excelsior Lodge of Freemasonry in Vancouver is founded on moral tradition and fraternal strength. Freemasonry is more relevant in today’s society than ever before. The Excelsior Lodge endeavours to define the best of the Fraternity.

As a new Lodge we encapsulate the values of learning, love, relief and truth. We offer the core bonds of tradition and ritual combined with the very best of modernity and a progressive outlook. Our Lodge meeting is held in the Grand Ballroom at the prestigious Vancouver Club, a private club set in the heart of the Financial District. This premium venue, an ‘A’ class heritage building, has been part of Vancouver’s history for over a century and gives Excelsior Lodge a very unique distinction.

Being the only Lodge to have its location Downtown, The Vancouver Club makes a most convenient choice for our busy professional members and reflects the attitude, professionalism and quality of Excelsior Lodge. As well as hosting our meetings, members receive the benefit of the fine dining provided by the club’s exclusive chefs and kitchens. Each meeting is preceded by a quality served dinner giving members the opportunity to socialise, network and discuss topical issues in an exclusive and beautiful setting providing the Lodge members with an enhanced experience. Attuned to the needs and requirements of today’s professional we understand the demands all of us have on our time.

By meeting eight times a year rather than the traditional twice a month, Excelsior Lodge concentrates on the quality of Masonic Ritual and the personal development of our Brothers. Excelsior Lodge endeavours to enhance the Masonic experience and make being a Freemason something special. Maintaining the high standard of our Ancient Ritual brings Excelsior Lodge closer to ancient Masonic heritage and the many centuries of learning, love and truth.

Freemasonry takes a leading role in society. Men from all positions in life, from Presidents down, have been part of the Fraternity and they have realised, through being a Freemason, they can make a difference for the betterment of society in general and themselves in particular And so can you.

To find out more, please contact us or see the Grand Lodge of BC & Yukon website.

We are currently taking  sabbatical from the Vancouver Club;

Holding meetings at

Kerrisdale Lodge Hall

2146 West 41st Ave

Vancouver,   B.C.